Monday, August 20, 2012

Drugs, No Drugs, Drugs, No Drugs

Just a little update. My poor body has been a mess. I was doing great so my lyme doc wanted to take me off all drugs for a month in order to do the Borrelia Culture through Advanced Labs. It's a newer test and a lot of docs are super excited about it because it's much, much more sensitive than any other culture out there. I felt great the first 4 days off treatment and then went down hill very fast. Psychologically I was a complete mess, I was so tired, and a million other things. So after I couldn't take it any longer I called my doc back and explained. He had me go back on a much higher dose of one of my meds to try and jump start me back to feeling good. Not good. I-FELT-HORRIBLE. I needed to puke but wouldn't allow myself because I needed to keep the drugs in, which resulted in dry heaving. Needless to say I was HERXING like crazy, my body was not happy with me for cutting all drugs cold turkey and then going back on, but only one drug, and a higher dose than normal. I decided to change my schedule up and take them all at bedtime in hopes I would just herx when I was sleeping. It didn't really seem to help much. Finally two days ago I couldn't take it any longer and made the decision to go down to one pill instead of two. Yesterday I felt so much better and so far today I feel pretty good! Thank god! My doc wanted me to call after I was back on for 10 days and then we plan on trying to go off drugs again to do the lab in one month, oh joy, can you feel my excitement?! Not sure If want to deal with the off and on drug battle again. He is going to call my back and we will go from there. I am just going to enjoy feeling good again and see what the next step is we take.