Thursday, January 17, 2013


I AM IN REMISSION, yup I said it, remission!!!! I honestly never thought I would get to this place in my life. What a sweet word remission is, music to my ears and all of those fighting the Lyme battle. I want to throw a remission party, yell it from the rooftop, dance around, sing, party, do everything I couldn't do for so very long. I am very happy, but also leery. I know lyme can come back at any time and I haven't been in the clear too long. December 19th I had my PICC Line pulled out and have been in remission since then. I am currently on maintenance drugs so I am not drug free, but many good Lyme docs out there know that this is the best way to do it. You should never just stop treatment all at once. Your body has been sick for so long and on meds for so long that it would really throw it for a loop cutting things out cold turkey. So for now, I am on a couple to make sure things stay at bay for a bit. I take it everyday but everyone is different. I have a friend that is doing great and he only has to take meds one weekend a month to make sure he stays healthy. That isn't bad at all!

I have been gradually been getting better for a while but always hit road blocks and could never get over the hump. The key for me was the IV treatment via the picc line. Everyone on my medical team was amazed at how fast I was getting better on it. I hardly herxed compared to other treatments I have tried and was improving at a pretty fast pace. I only had the picc line in for a total of 4 months and it didn't take me long to feel well and could tell it was working! It is amazing to me that someone can improve so quickly when you find the correct combo for their body! Makes me wonder what would have happened if I would have done this a long time ago. 

It is fascinating to me that such a tiny tube in your vein can provide such important medications to get you better. A tube that is always in your arm, that goes all the way to your heart and stays there. Just chilling in your vein doing its job. A tube that is kind of complicated to get put in and so easy to take out. To take it out all my nurse had to do was pull it out, that's it! I couldn't even feel it and wasn't grossed out like I thought I would be. Such a tiny tube with such a big job! Boy am I thankful for that little tube! I had to keep the spot covered for 3 days so air couldn't get into my vein and then I was safe to let air on the spot and shower like normal. I kept it covered for an extra day since I was paranoid air would get into my lungs if it was exposed to air too soon. It has been very nice to shower with out having to cover part of my arm! Now you can hardly tell I had anything in my arm. There is just a small red scar that I am sure will fad more over time. 

I am living proof that long term antibiotics DO help and that many in the lyme community need that to get better. There is no easy or fast fix when it comes to such a complicated disease. It's a long, hard, hard battle. I wish all of us could get to the point of remission! Keep fighting the good fight and never give up!!!