Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bartonella Treatment=A Lot of Die Off!!

Just a little update-I am on a higher dose of my bartonella treatment now and feeling it! I have horrendous head and neck pain, which includes-head, face, teeth, ears, neck. And upper back is very tight too. I didn't notice how tight until my chiro and massage therapist started pushing around on me. The worst is where my head connects to my neck. Horrible pain and not much has helped since Friday. I have been trying different pain meds and so far Advil seems to be the best one. I have been following doctors orders and rotating heat and ice and detoxing, still no relief. I had a short lived break from the pain when I went and got a 1/2hr massage but it was short lived and the pain came back worse. It usually kicks in full force when it's time to take another dose of my meds and they kick in. I was posting on facebook and a friend mentioned she uses icy hot a lot. I didn't even think of it, but I have a natural version of it called Biofreeze. I rolled that on my neck this morning and it helped a lot!

All the pain is herxing-so much die off at once in my body that it turns into toxicity and pain. There isn't a whole I can do other than detoxing as much as I can and trying to find what works best for the pain. It's part of treatment, not fun but I don't want to stop the treatment. I want these bugs OUT of me! I start Bicillin injections on Friday so I will keep you updated on that also!

Monday, November 14, 2011

I Am Thankful For-

Even though I have had a rough go the last few days I am still thankful for how far I have come and other things in my life. There is no doubt that the medical field has failed us lymies but I am thankful for the other advances in the medical world out there-

Today I am thankful that the Newborn Screening labs came back on my daughters 3rd day of life. She was diagnosed with MCAD, a metabolic disorder. She was dying and we didn't even know it. Without this test, she would be in the ground and not in our arms. I am SO thankful for her and advanced medical testing.

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thumbs Up!

Everyone has been asking me how I have been so thought I would post an update.

I am on 3 powerful drugs right now and started treating Bart! The first week I felt like I had morning sickness most days and then it would tend to clear up a bit after lunch. I was also soooo tired and drained. I felt like a bus ran me over and then a truck came by and did it again. This week has been so much better. Yesterday I felt good ALL DAY LONG!! Awesome!! I am getting rashes and itchy at night and had to stop a drug that was supposed to help with mood/rage and help me sleep. It did the opposite and kept me up at nigh but did a great job with the mood part of things. I can't tell if I am allergic to a new food or if the new drug is giving me rashes. Called doc and he said its a side effect of the new drug. So benadryl will be my best friend. I am also going to try and take a half a dose in the AM and the other half a dose in the PM of the pill that is supposed to control the lovely Bart rage and insomnia. Hope it helps. I know the hubby is glad I don't get rage anymore. It's a scary thing when it pops up out of no where. So, overall I am doing awesome and so happy to be feeling myself more lately! I hope it continues!!