Monday, March 28, 2016

Hurtful Comments

I have learned over the years that uneducated people will make hurtful comments. The majority of the time they don't mean it, they just don't realize what they are saying is completely ridiculous and just how hurtful they can be to a person. For the most part I have learned to let those comments roll off my back. Or, I choose to take those opportunities to educate the person on the subject of lyme, or chronic illness. But sometimes it surprises me, or hits me harder than I would like. Especially when my children are involved. 

I was at a family function recently and someone there was asking about my health, my picc line, my treatment plan, etc. Then the person asked why the docs thought I had relapsed and needed treatment again, as in what caused it. I explained that there are many factors when it comes to lyme and everything else I have going on, and there are a million reasons a person can relapse. I said I am guessing my last pregnancy did a number on my body and it may have caused a relapse. This person then turned to my 2yr old and said "You did that?" Right to her. NO! SHE did not do this to me. If you are looking for someone to blame, then blame me. Myself and my husband are the ones that decided to get pregnant and add to the family. I am the one that knew the risks going into it. I am the one that chose, she did not. Do not ever, ever, for one second put this on my children, ever! This is not their battle and they are not the ones that caused me to be sick. I do not for one second want them ever thinking they are to blame for any of this. How horrible of a feeling for a child to think they are to be blamed for this. 

Having said all that, I feel we went into the process of pregnancy very educated. We had talked to many professionals, and learned everything we could. We waited until I hit remission and was healthy enough to handle a pregnancy again. I wanted another child for years, and years. It was really hard to wait, but we knew that was best. Once remission hit I went on a combo of pregnancy safe drugs to prevent passing lyme to the baby, for the entire length of pregnancy and breast feeding. I did everything I was suppose to, to keep my baby protected and to keep my own health in check. Sometimes you can do everything right and still have consequences when it comes to chronic health problems. But guess what, she was born healthy. She is a sassy, spunky, loving, fun 2yr old just like her big sis! She was worth the years of suffering to get better. The tough pregnancy was worth it, both of my children were worth it. My children will always be worth everything I go through. They are the reason I get out of bed every morning and the reason I keep fighting to get my health back. I will never stop fighting for them. They are my everything and deserve only the best life can give them 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Feeling Defeated

I have been feeling defeated lately. When I first started infusing I felt fine during the day, but nights were really hard. I was on a HIGH dose for my evening infusion. I called my LLMD to ask for zofran and then my yucky symptoms just stopped. It was very strange. Doc still wanted to cut my dose in half since it was a very large amount and also got me some anti nausea meds. I haven't had to use any yet but I am glad I have them on hand. 

It seems as though the 3rd week of treatment has hit me hard and the fun and random lyme roller coaster has kicked in. I feel fine one hour and the next I am completely exhausted and herxing, and then again the next hour I am fine again. Lyme is so weird! Typically by night time and weekends I am completely fried. So exhausted its ridiculous. My daycare and my own children keep me going during the day and into the evening, but man I am pooped! Then you add in some insomnia and its a party over here!

 Tonight I pushed myself way too hard to get some shopping done. I wanted to get all Easter shopping out of the way but that also meant too many stores in one night. I am exhausted, my whole entire body is humming and vibrating, I am getting shooting random pain in various areas, and feel like I have fatigues muscles. 

Since my hubby works strange hours it has been hard for me to get all the errands taken care of. I am definitely going to do as much shopping as possible from the computer and having it delivered. Thankfully between amazon and a grocery delivery service here I think I can get most things I need. Also need to stop pushing myself so hard to try and keep on top of so many things. Can't be super women, need to give that cape a rest sometimes ;-) On a side note, I am thankful my 2yr old doesn't seem to really care much about me infusing and what its all about. 

Picc Line Is In!

Picc line is in! I had it inserted on March 1st, and thankfully the same nurse I had last time was who I got this time. She's really great-so kind, calm and caring. Last time I had my picc line placed they had a hard time getting it to go to the proper place. Thankfully, this time around they have some new technology and it went much, much smoother. It only took 1 try vs 4 last time. Phew, I was very thankful for that. I had myself worked up over it since it took so many try's last time around. I wasn't looking forward to that part of it. But this time really was a breeze, so easy and smooth and hardly any pain at all. 

Before they started getting set up to place the picc line, they hooked my up to a normal IV in my hand to make sure I wasn't allergic to a particular antibiotic. Once they got that running the picc line process started. Since I infused at the clinic, that is officially the first day starting back on IV therapy. I am now about 3 weeks in and have had both good days and bad days mixed in there. Here are some pictures of the picc line process.