Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bartonella Treatment=A Lot of Die Off!!

Just a little update-I am on a higher dose of my bartonella treatment now and feeling it! I have horrendous head and neck pain, which includes-head, face, teeth, ears, neck. And upper back is very tight too. I didn't notice how tight until my chiro and massage therapist started pushing around on me. The worst is where my head connects to my neck. Horrible pain and not much has helped since Friday. I have been trying different pain meds and so far Advil seems to be the best one. I have been following doctors orders and rotating heat and ice and detoxing, still no relief. I had a short lived break from the pain when I went and got a 1/2hr massage but it was short lived and the pain came back worse. It usually kicks in full force when it's time to take another dose of my meds and they kick in. I was posting on facebook and a friend mentioned she uses icy hot a lot. I didn't even think of it, but I have a natural version of it called Biofreeze. I rolled that on my neck this morning and it helped a lot!

All the pain is herxing-so much die off at once in my body that it turns into toxicity and pain. There isn't a whole I can do other than detoxing as much as I can and trying to find what works best for the pain. It's part of treatment, not fun but I don't want to stop the treatment. I want these bugs OUT of me! I start Bicillin injections on Friday so I will keep you updated on that also!


  1. Dr B recommends Flex cream for pain and my LLMD called in a pain cream done by a compounding pharmacy which is prescription strength.

  2. Hi Julie,

    I am sorry to hear you have been in so much pain recently. I am happy to hear you have found a little relief with Biofreeze. I haven't tried that but maybe I will look into it. I hate herxing but it is always encouraging to me to think of all the bugs dying.

    In support group last Sunday, we were talking of ways we can help our bodies detox. One of things that was mentioned was Super OXI-Cell by Apex Energetics Nutritional Complexes. It is a Glutathione and SOD antioxidant. It is like a lotion that is absorbed by the skin. I haven't tried it but the members of the group that had used it seemed to think it was effective.

    Anyway, Best wishes to you on Friday. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Thinking of you, Julie. We're in the same boat. No fun! Everything bad is leaving only good is coming in...

    Love you, friend. You can do this. XOXO

  4. Oh, sorry to hear you are having so much pain...that has been my problem for awhile too and detoxing is difficult for me..I used to use biofreeze, think I will try that again. Wishing you the best with the Bartonella beast soon gone gone gone.

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  6. I am detoxing like fuvk, it sucks, but its totally worth it. Every now and then I get a break from hexing, and feel how it is with "less" bugs in my head and I gotta say, its good. Hang in there.