Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Rich Man's Disease

I have heard it 100 times before. Lyme Disease is a rich man's disease, and it is true! I am so frustrated and angry with the politics of lyme. Why is it so hard for the medical field and insurance companies to except??

Well for one, it's a huge liability for doctors because there are so many treatments, long term treatments, various drugs, insurance companies coming at them left and right, uneducated cruel, hurtful people deliberately trying to shut them down , etc, etc.

Why won't insurance companies recognize it? Easy, because all of the other disease out there that could be lyme-MS, Chronic fatigue syndrome, psychological disorders, arthritis, heart problems, liver problems, chronic pain, Alzheimer...I could go on and on, the list is long-would then be the insurance company's problem and they would have to cover these expensive long term treatments that would cost millions of dollars to treat. Instead they basically say if you need more than 2 weeks of treatment then you really don't have lyme and they will not cover you.

It should not be like this! I should not have gotten to the point that I had to quit my job, we should not be loosing our house, I should not have to uproot my daughter from the only things she has known, we shouldn't have to move in with family at our age. I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO THINK ABOUT STOPPING TREATMENT!!!!! We are broke, and many people have helped us. We are to the point where I may have to cut down my treatments a lot or stop all together. We just can't pay for all of this anymore. I SHOULD NOT BE UP AT 1AM BECAUSE I CANT STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS. I WANT TO GET BETTER!!!! I want to run more than the 20 feet with my kid with out being so out of breath and feel sick. I want to have the option to have another child if I want, I want to be able to sleep all night and actually wake up refreshed, I want to be able to enjoy a party, holiday, get together with out panicking about the cost of whatever is going on. I am making great progress and my doc thinks I will see great results by this next summer. I AM SCARED. I don't want to down slide. I remember those days clearly and never want to have to call 911 again because I thought I was dying and have to take an ambulance ride to the ER. I don't want to go back. SO I SAY SCREW YOU TO THE POLITICS OF LYME DISEASE AND TO THE SELFISH UNEDUCATED JERKS THAT MAKE THIS SO HARD. YOU ARE TAKING INNOCENT LIVES AND IT IS NOT OK! WHO DO YOU SEE WHEN YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR?

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