Friday, March 30, 2012

Lots Going On

There has been a lot going on over here. I found out on my phone appointment with my out of town doc I was ODing on many drugs and didn't know it. The communication between doctors and patients really needs to improve. My local doc types everything up and mails me a summary so we are both sure we are on the same page after an appointment. Out of town doc does not and I wish he did. There has been a couple of times I haven't been on the correct schedule because of this and it's dangerous. We were both surprised I didn't have more negative effects, the combo I was on was very dangerous. Needless to say my local doc had a nice chat with out of town doc. This should NOT be happening when you are working with someone that is sick and has brain fog. We can't remember what the rules were for a certain drug we took 5 months ago when we re-take it currently. You need to tell us what we can can cannot be on. So after that was figured out I had to go off all drugs for a bit, then back on the one very powerful drug, then off everything for another week. I am finally back on track and this last Monday started a higher dose of drugs and Bicillin injections this week. I forgot how sore and tired they make you sometimes! I am worn out! I have been herxing this week but it's nice to be back on track and kicking the bugs butt!! My new injection schedule will be two shots every other week and start to wean off of them. I will keep this schedule until May when I fly out to see my out of town doc in person to discus my progress and what the future holds for me. I am still getting stronger and making progress. My new exciting news is that I start physical therapy next week. I can't wait to get some muscle tone back!!!!!!

We also moved out of our house and in with family. It's a big adjustment, I am not used to having to go by someone else's rules but it's working. We still have a lot of organizing to do but very glad we have someone to take us in, in such a difficult time financially. That's it for now, keep fighting the good fight!

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