Thursday, April 12, 2012

Only With Lyme Disease

Only with a weird, crazy disease like Lyme can you have one day where you feel so sick and feel like you are slowly dying and wish you would just die in your sleep. And the next day you feel amazing and can get a ton done. And then the next- herxing so badly you feel horrible. It's a crazy ride. I hope tomorrow is the better day again. Today has been really hard, I feel terrible, So tired, weak, sick like I have the flu, and really, really toxic which tends to effect my brain functioning. Which for me= a massive amount of depression that is hard to handle. The brain part of it is the hardest part to handle a lot of times. Lets hope some detoxing helps so tomorrow is a more clear day. I just need the reminder that things can always be worse than they currently feel, you need to struggle to make progress!


  1. Keep hanging in there, knowing that there are people in the same boat, people that understand exactly what you mean.

  2. Really hope things start turning around for you, Julie. The ups and downs are such an annoying part of this disease. Praying today is filled with more highs and less lows. XOXXO