Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Picc Line

I have't updated in a while and many things have changed! I was hitting road blocks with the oral meds so my lyme doctor and I decided it was best for me to get a picc line put in and get IV treatments. I was really nervous to get the line put in, I mean there was going to be a tube inside my arm to my heart that stayed there!! Ew! I knew I would be fine once it was in but the process of getting it in grossed me out. My hubby came with and I had two great nurses. There was a little trouble getting it in the right location but once it was in the correct spot I was good to go! Its been really great! I forget its there most of the time and once it healed I could do normal things with my arm again. My nurse said I could even lift weights if I wanted to. Note to self-get my butt in gear and start working out again ;-) I have had one blood clot in my line but it was really no big deal. My nurse came over and put meds in my line to take care of the clot and the line worked again!

I started out on one drug that was one IV a day, then I got bumped up to two IV's a day. Currently I am on two different IV drugs. One is a cyst buster that I do three days a week, twice a day. The other is the drug I started with that is four days a week, twice a day. I was warned by many that IV therapy is really rough and I will be down and out for a while, especially the cyst busters. Of course I have had bad days but its been a blessing to have this treatment. I have come a long ways in a very short period of time and I am not herxing like crazy like many people thought I would. I love this treatment, I only wish I would have done it earlier! Lets hope I keep getting better and will enter the world of remission soon! How awesome would that be! I never thought it was possible after 5 1/2 years of fighting for my health!! Check out facebook for more pictures of the picc line process.


  1. Good job Julie! I only felt better too, none of this crazy herx stuff. But I had already been on orals, had a herx with them and then had another herx when I first started bicillin injections. So herxing was out do the way. I did feel toxic a lot of IV. I felt better and better at first but then the toxicity set in. So please make sure you are the QUEEN of detox. Otherwise it's counter productive. Also, I am sure if you are on rocephin you are on Actigall. But that isn't enough. I lost my gallbladder and boy do we need that thing. I've been trying to regain my gut and digestion since! Research doing coffee enemas and maybe gallbladder flushes or whatever people to do save their gallbladders!!! No matter what they tell you. You NEED this organ.

  2. Thanks! I am starting to detox more now since I can feel it building. I also take a pill to keep my gallbladder around, this is my biggest fear being on this drug!!

  3. I had my PICC placed in June and I love it. I have herxed some but have seen much more improvement on IV then on orals. Yes, do detox, detox, detox. I drink as much lemon water as I can during the day. I take 10 minute epsom salt baths. I also take actigal, but I was also thinking of looking into coffee/charcoal...sounds like I need to after reading Sonya's post. I hope you do well on this new regimen, Julie and I hope you are able to get pieces of you life back soon. And one day, be healthy!

  4. Hi Julie, just read your story. You're a strong woman, I hope you'll get better soon on the IV. Recognize so much in your blog, will follow it from now on! I have bartonella and rickettsia (and god knows maybe lyme as well, but it doesn't come out of the tests) and am on oral AB since 3-4 months. Long way to go it seems...
    All the best from Europe! Stay strong!

  5. I'm so scared, but I think it's coming to this. Thanks for posting this. You've been such a big help to me and I'm so happy for you and your progress!! XO

  6. Good for you beautiful lady! For posting these phtoos and sharing your journey!!!
    How are you doing now?
    If you have time... Maybe you could check out my blog too? :)
    I'm all better now!!!!!!
    Bless you sweetie.

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