Sunday, May 1, 2016

Loosing A Friend To Lyme Disease

It is with tears running down my face that I write tonight's post. I learned today that I lost a Lyme friend of mine to Lyme Disease, Co-Infections, and Early Onset Alzheimer Disease, caused by the Lyme. She was such a brave, loving, giving, caring and courageous person. Many of us knew that she wasn't doing well, and that she would enter heaven sooner than later, but we didn't think it would be this soon. She has been suffering for a long time, like many of us, but it still seems too soon. I feel selfish writing that, because I know she is in a better place, free of pain and doing all her artwork she loves so dearly. But its just not fair, someone so young and so full of life shouldn't have to leave this earth so soon. I am so sad the world lost her. 

She was an amazing person, she didn't let her health define who she was. She made sure to reach out to people and ask how they were doing and still tried to do things that made her happy. She was a great artist and would post pictures often on facebook of her creations. Such talent, it was amazing! We would talk about art, crafts, family, our illness and just life. She made such a huge difference in so many lives! Its pretty powerful to see a person come from a broken childhood and struggle, but not let that define who they become in life. She used it to her advantage and created a great life and helped many along the way with the same past struggles. 

It really is so amazing to see everyone writing on facebook about how she had changed so many lives for the better. It is a broad range from people that have known her for a very long time, to a short time, and some that never met her in person. Each person has been moved by her, it didn't matter if they never met in person, she was just such a powerful, positive being and made such a difference here on earth. I could write a lot more but I want to protect her identity so I won't go into much more detail. She will be missed by me and so many others. I am glad she was a friend and that I had the privilege of knowing her. The artwork above are some of her creations. Rest in peace warrior my friend. Until we meet again. 

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