Sunday, January 30, 2011


I had 4 whole days that I felt great, I would say about 80%!!! Which is awesome in my book! I thought for sure I would pay for my busy Thursday that night but I still felt great. It was a little crazy. I run a daycare and my day consisted of- get the kids (6 of them)dressed and loaded into the van to bring my daughter to preschool, drop off, come home, unload and undress for snack, eat snack, get the kids totally dressed in their outside gear to play in the snow, play in the snow, come in, undress and make lunch, lunch made & time to pick up daughter, redress all the kids and load into van, pick up daughter, come home & unload and undress to eat lunch. Naptime, phew! That was exhausting!!!!!! My last good day which was yesterday I went sledding with my hubby and daughter, I knew I would be pushing my luck but I am tired of missing out on things. It was fun but two times up the hill and my body was burning and I had enough. Today...well today isn't good but I will save that for my next post. I am just happy to have 4 great days!!!

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