Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First time using my sauna-feeling nasty

Last night I used my portable sauna for the first time. I was feeling toxic and have a lot of die off lately. I was told by my doc to start SLOW when I decided to go back to using the sauna for detoxing and to kill more bugs because I got very sick and herxed BADLY when I used one a while back. It worked but it was way too overwhelming for my body to handle. Last night I felt like hell afterwards and today too. I couldn't sleep because I felt so nauseous, could feel my brain swelling(or that's what it felt like anyways), and I was super weak. Today I feel about the same and super drained. I would say it was a herx, but now I am not sure. Maybe because I stayed in for only 15 minutes and didn't sweat much my body is sick because I just ticked (haha no pun intended) things off but didn't sweat them off? I do know my meds are working and there is a TON of die off right now and either way I feel nasty, this just upped the ante! Let's hope it means a lot of die off from the sauna too!!!


  1. Whoa - sounds like a herx, but who knows. Every body is so different. I used to herx from hot baths, but always felt like they were helping in the end. I hope this has a similar effect for you. (ps - can't wait until I can use a sauna or hot tub again!) Hope you feel better!!!!

  2. I know that when my husband started using the sauna it was only for 4 minutes the first time...then eventually 10 and now after a year 15minutes. He does sweat though.....Maybe you need to start at just a few minutes? Hope it goes better next time! Could be your Lyme reproduction time?

  3. Sorry to hear you felt this way! Like what others have said, perhaps you can get used to it bit by bit? Enjoying saunas do take some time to get used to. As an incentive, you can think of all the health benefits you can acquire when the sauna is now part of your daily routine.

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  4. Omg, so you felt this way!
    I am also about to have my first experience soon and I really don't have any idea as for it would go.
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