Friday, January 27, 2012

I Won't Give Up

  • I won't give up on life
  • I won't give up on treatment
  • I won't give up on my family
  • I won't give up on all the things I believe in
Because in the end, I will have a healthier, stronger, more satisfying life. This disease has changed me for the better. I think anyone going through a big struggle in life, or should I say many big struggles in life, becomes a better person. You learn so much on your journey. You see things differently than before-you cheer when you can step out of bed onto the wood floor and NOT be in extreme pain, you cheer when you can walk into Target and not have to crouch down in order to avoid passing out, you cheer when you haven't had a panic attack in many months, you cheer when you wake up and you aren't drowning in night sweats, you cheer when you can keep up with your kid, you cheer when you can make it through the day or week with out a nap, you cheer when you can sleep all the way through the night, you cheer when you can go out on a date with your husband and survive the night, you cheer when you have friends that will stick around through the good times AND the bad! You cherish every little thing you have ever taken for granted in your life before you became sick. You can either drown, or survive. I choose to fight to survive. I choose to look up even if the sky looks rough. I am learning who I am again, god knows I am tough! These may seem like little things but to me they are big, it means I can start living again and I can see the good things. I am not always able to, but for today at least, I am looking at the good things and I WON'T GIVE UP.

I feel like this song was meant for me, it's so fitting and I love it


  1. Very encouraging..inspirational and YES! Don't give up...Give your the joys of every your sweet family!

  2. Thanks for posting this, Julie. I didn't realize I needed to hear it, but I did. ....God knows we're worth it.


  3. I have been recently correctly diagnosed, and I've learned more from your battle and your info, than from other sources.
    I've been blogging for a while, and stumbled upon you, while Googling "Lemon water and Lyme disease" because I couldn't remember why I was supposed to drink it.

    Keep up your fight, and your writing. Oh, and keep hanging on!