Friday, July 6, 2012


Impending doom fills the air

The fog takes over your brain

It is thick like sludge

Your thoughts slow down

You feel stuck in between two worlds

The toxicity takes over

You can’t think

You can’t focus

You are no longer thinking like a person

You are thinking like the monster that has taken over your brain

You want out

It doesn’t matter how

You want to be alone

But know you shouldn’t be

You want to run, but the monster will follow you

You want it to end

Even if the end is truly the end

You know you need to surround yourself with those that care

You don’t want to, but force yourself to

The disease can’t win

You are stronger than that

You are strong

You will beat this

You will fight like you always fight

You are strong


  1. You ARE strong. Keep fighting-----we will win!

  2. This is awesome.. do you mind if I link it from my blog?

  3. awesome thanks :)
    here is the link

  4. This one made me cry because it is exactly how I feel! Your words are exactly on cue. I have had this for 2 year but have only known about it for 3 months. Been on Amox. for 10 weeks and when they took me off for even a day I would collapse. They put in a PICC line about 5 days ago. The everyday pain is better but I am still sooo tired. However, THIS WILL NOT BEAT ME! I WILL FIND A WAY TO OVER COME IT! Thank you for all your words of wisdom and sharing your experience. Hopefully we can continue to communicate. BTW, my husband works for an insurance company - and that hasn't made things any better:)

  5. Welcome to the world of treating lyme disease. The beginning is the hardest, it gets easier. I just had a picc line put in too. I need to blog about it. Its been 5 years I have had lyme now and treatment for..28 months. Its getting better little by little. I have faith you will get there