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PAIN and Epsom Salt Baths

I am in Pain!!! Hasn't been this bad for a while. The lyme seems to have decided to reside in my lower back, hips, legs and feet. The most painful are the hips and lower back, feels really deep and as if I can feel the hip socket moving as I walk or move around. It's pissed and telling me all about the toxicity in there!! Ice and heat work for a while but of course it comes back once the feeling in my skin comes back. Since I don't have a sauna in my house readily available I think it's time for an epsom salt bath to help with the toxins. Let's hope it helps!! Here is an article for those that would like to learn more about epsom salt--

Epsom Salt Baths
By admin | January 11, 2008
Epsom salt baths are a commonly used strategy by Lyme disease patients for symptom relief and as a strategy in a “detoxification” program to eliminate the supposed build up of toxins and pro-inflammatory mediators released as the Borrelia spirochetes and other coinfection microbes are destroyed.
Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate and is widely available in the United States and extremely cheap. It can be purchased at many chain grocery stores for $3-4 for a large milk carton-sized container. It is also available at almost any healthfood store or specialty food store such as Whole Foods.
The use of epsom and other mineral salts to treat disease is an ancient practice and the use of hot mineral springs for diseased patients is recorded throughout the history of medicine.
Before getting into the epsom bath, many Lyme patients do a dry skin brush to exfoliated the dead cells from the outermost layer of the epidermis. Skin brushes can be purchased at most health food stores or at select grocery stores such as Whole Foods for about $10. Alternately, some Lyme patients use dog brushes or human hair brushes to apply long, light strokes to the skin.
The epsom salt bath used by most Lyme patients is warm to hot water with 1-3 cups of epsom salts added. Patients usually soak for 5-30 minutes and then shower to remove the magnesium residue and the purported “toxins” that have been excreted by the skin.
Many Lyme patients think that the epsom salt bath works best with water that is filtered and recommend filters for the bathtub spigots that can be purchased at Lowe’s and like retailers.
Some Lyme patients report a sweating and flushing sensation when sitting in an epsom salt bath, as well as headaches from the vasodilation.
Because these baths are used for medicinal purposes, they should never be used unless under the direction of a physician.
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