Thursday, December 9, 2010

I was definitely mistaken!!!!

Boy was I wrong about Lyme Disease!! I have been tested two times through the ELISA Lyme testing with a million other tests over the period of 3 years and they ALWAYS came back negative, always!! A friend of a friend had just been diagnosed with Lyme and had a lot of the same symptoms. A Lot of her story sounded like mine. She was telling me about how the ELISA test is horrible and hardly ever shows if someone really does have Lyme. And sometimes even when you do have Lyme it still shows up negative. If you want more reliable testing done you go through the IGENEX Lab in CA. They only deal with Lyme testing and do the western blot test. So I did just that! I didn't think it would show anything, after all nothing else had so why would this be any different. I prayed, and prayed, and prayed I had Lyme. By the way-I don't pray so that proves how desperate I was for an answer! I just wanted someone to finally tell me what was wrong with me so I could treat it and move on with my life. As if it would be that easy!! HA! If I only knew! Of course I got the "call" and yes indeed I do have Lyme. Thank you lord, now I can treat it and move on! Or course it hasn't been that easy as a lot of you know. I figured I would have a few months of treatment, feel great and be back to myself again. Its been 7 months now, and will be at least 6 more, I am sure much longer. I have been making great progress but its defiantly not easy to "cure" and heal from. It could be years, I could have it for life, or it could come and go and be chronic. I didn't expect that at all! I knew absolutely nothing about Lyme other than I fit an awful lot on the list of symptoms. My goal is to get the word out, inform others and hope they catch it right away so they can kill those baster bugs and be happy healthy people. The key is catching it right away, unfortunately most don't and then it turns into this, hell on earth! I am very thankful to have a good support system and have learned to put myself out there so I can learn from other Lymies and get support from them. I have great Lyme friends that I love dearly, they understand so much more than others could ever understand. The biggest thing I have learned-you take your health in your own hands and don't stop fighting until you have an answer!!!!

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  1. This is a great post! Congratulations on the "real" diagnosis. :) It's a long road, but it gets better, and treatment is so much easier to get covered once your test results are considered "legitimate." I LOVE your optimism. I swear, staying positive is the key to healing. You're a strong, inspirational lady. :)