Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Anti-Candida Protocol and Major Herx

I have been meaning to start my new Anti-Candida Protocol my doc wanted me on for a couple weeks now. I get tired of starting something new every couple of months and have been feeling so awesome I was scared to herx again trying something new. I started it this morning and boy was I right! I was leery for good reason!!! Good lord, I haven't herxed this badly in a long, long time. I am in a ton of pain, my stomach feels like a giant is squeezing it to death, I feel really sick to my stomach and SO HOT!!!!! Major hot flashes!!! I took my temp just to see and of course it's normal. Didn't take long before I was in one of my stand by tank tops! I have to pace because it hurts so bad. I am not a fan of this new protocol at all!! It must mean it's working though so that's good. This whole time I have been battling really bad yeast over growth. Right now my arm pits are really raw because they itch so bad and there is so much yeast in my body. Let's hope this does the trick and fast!!!! Here are a couple pictures I took this morning of my lovely mixture I have to drink. It's 8oz total that I have to down a 1/2hr before I eat breakfast.


  1. Sorry your hurting...ugh. Does not sound fun. Hoping it is killing what it needs to!
    Do you mind sharing what your new protocol is?
    Just curious. I have major yeast also.

  2. Sure, shoot me an email

  3. Sorry you are having a rough time. I pray the herxing doesn't last long. Hopefully will get rid of the yeast quickly and give you some relief. I too would like to know the protocol. I know you may have mentioned it in a previous post but I can't remember. :) Keep your chin up.

  4. I am so sorry you are going through herxing and having terrible stomach pains with it. I am herxing from die off of H-Pylori and Bart adn having major stomach issues too...never realized this could happen with yeast! Hope it ends quickly and you feel better fast. I am interested in your protocol too..maybe you could post it?