Friday, May 11, 2012

Doctor Update

I went and saw my out of state doc last Friday for my in person check up! It went great, love my doc! He thinks that my Lyme and Bartonella are dormant and I just have Babesia left. How awesome is that!!!!! I have two out of the three in remission now, woohoo!! So now we are slamming Babesia even harder to try and kill it all off. I had a little drug vacation and started back today on some powerful drugs. In 3 weeks I will add more and gradually bump up to the higher dose. I am a little worried about how much herxing I will be having with such strong drugs, but I have had plenty in the past two years already. So I say bring it on! Let's kick it's butt!! Let's hope in 3 months I am in a much better place, I am making some huge strides and SO excited. Babesia has been the hardest one for us to treat so we don't know how long this process will take but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel now. Yay for good news!


  1. found your blog while searching for Lyme related news articles...

    I was diagnosed 2 months ago with Lyme...started with a visit to the orthopedic when I woke up unable to move. Living in CT, where the Lyme rate is high, I only went (what I guess was about) 2 months untreated.

    I have never been more exhausted in my entire life. My entire body aches, and my hands are numb. The hardest part is I am simply not myself. It has really changed my way of life.

    I am still finding it so hard to believe that a tiny tick causes so many problems!!!

    I hope you are near the very end of your battle. SO great that you put this blog out there...thank you! And many prayers for your recovery and good health!

  2. It is hard to believe isnt it?! Thanks for the comment! I hope you are able to bounce back faster than some of us!!!!