Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What I Wish I Knew Ten Years Ago

•What a deer tick looks like and how very small they are

•When a deer tick is engorged with your blood it can look as big as a wood tick

•How to properly take a tick out. Do NOT squeeze the body, use a tweezers and get the head

•You don’t have to be in the woods to get it, you can be in your own back yard or right in the city

•Not everyone gets the bulls eye rash

•If caught early and you treat right away with antibiotics it can potentially be enough to get rid of it

•If caught later, you could have years and years of treatment and the damage may be irreversible

•Doing a full body check every single night is a key factor to find any ticks either before they attach or get them out as soon as possible

•Showering after being outside lowers your risk to get any unattached ticks off of you

•Putting your clothes in the dryer after being outside can kill ticks attached to your clothing and lower your risk

•Pets can bring ticks into your house and they can drop from them onto your bed, couch etc and then attach to you

•Kids are at the highest risk

•Keeping your lawn very short and cleaning up leaves right away lowers your risk

•The Elisa test they do at a normal clinic is a horribly inaccurate test and normal MD’s are not educated like they should be about Lyme Disease and co-infections

•You need to see a Lyme Literate Doctor to get accurate information

•You should be clinically diagnosed in addition to the advanced testing, there is no test out there for lyme disease that is accurate enough to 100% go off of

•If after going to a million doctors and getting nowhere, and getting diagnosed with random things, you are still not getting better you need to see a lyme literate doctor to at least rule out lyme disease

•Lyme Disease isn’t called the great imitator for nothing. It can imitate MANY other diseases out there 

•Do your homework and fight for your own health. Only you know how you feel

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