Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Picc Line Is In!

Picc line is in! I had it inserted on March 1st, and thankfully the same nurse I had last time was who I got this time. She's really great-so kind, calm and caring. Last time I had my picc line placed they had a hard time getting it to go to the proper place. Thankfully, this time around they have some new technology and it went much, much smoother. It only took 1 try vs 4 last time. Phew, I was very thankful for that. I had myself worked up over it since it took so many try's last time around. I wasn't looking forward to that part of it. But this time really was a breeze, so easy and smooth and hardly any pain at all. 

Before they started getting set up to place the picc line, they hooked my up to a normal IV in my hand to make sure I wasn't allergic to a particular antibiotic. Once they got that running the picc line process started. Since I infused at the clinic, that is officially the first day starting back on IV therapy. I am now about 3 weeks in and have had both good days and bad days mixed in there. Here are some pictures of the picc line process. 

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