Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rough month

September has been the worst month so far. I have felt horrible almost the entire month. I am guessing its from the new drops I am on, or maybe my current antibiotic isn't working anymore and I need to change it? I see my doc in 2 weeks, I am sure we will change up a few things. Usually the daycare keeps me busy enough that I don't notice feeling so sick until they are gone or at least a lesser amount and then I tend to crash on the weekends when my body has a chance to take a break. Not this month! I defiantly feel like crap during the day, at night, all the time. I am sooooo tired and drained but then I can't sleep or wake up a million times. I am nauseous most of the day each day and really have to force myself to eat and drink. Usually I have no problem eating ;-) I have thrown up once and had dry heaves one day. Saturday I was debating on going into the ER for IV fluids, I felt so sick I just couldn't force myself to drink or eat. I hadn't urinated in 12 hours and probably only had about 1/2 cup of water. I talked to a friend that is a nurse and she said try Gatorade. I had been avoiding it because there is sugar in it but its better then having to get an IV in an already dehydrated body and the IV would have sugar anyways. It seemed to help and I was able to get enough in to make it until Sunday. Also have been having other symptoms-joint pain, head aches, stomach aches, brain fog. My body needs a break!! I am taking a vacation in a week, I hope I can actually go and enjoy some time off! In the meantime I will keeping fighting these evil spirochetes!!!!

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