Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Excited to be Healing

It is SO nice to be healing and able to do more again! Today I-raked one garden, shoveled out a new larger boarder in the grass for my veggie garden which doubled it in size, raked out the huge sandbox/jungle gym area, bagged up half of the stuff I raked and drug the bags to the driveway, went to the fabric store, went to the hardware store with the fam, went back to the hardware store to exchange broken item, and picked up pizza for hubby on the way home. Phew!! Thats a lot! My body is pretty sore, but I am so excited I can do more again! I was such a go, go, go person before that it's nice to feel I can accomplish more again. One year ago I couldn't walk into Target with out getting really dizzy and having to croutch down to aviod passing out! Today I can spend a lot of time in there( too much ;-)) and be totally fine most of the time!! Wooohooo!!

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  1. Yeah! This is so awesome to hear! I'm cheering for you!