Saturday, May 14, 2011

Not Enjoying The Ride

I am so very sick today. I waited too long with my busy life to aggressively treat my yeast over growth and now it's everywhere and bad. I have my one millionth yeast infection and feel like sh*t!! My husband is gone prepping for a wedding he is in today and my family is gone out of town, so it's just me and my daughter hanging out. Luckily she wants to play doctor so all I have had to do this morning is squash my body into her little toddler bed so she can "fix" me and then bring me a million toys from her toy bin as gifts since I am sick in the "hospital". She is pretty much acting out what happens when she is in the hospital, at least the girl gets a lot of gifts while she is in there!! She would have kept playing if we didn't need to stop for lunch. I am at the point where I wish I would just throw up and get it over with, so very nauseous and nasty feeling. But my body won't let go and I don't have much time to rest anymore today. I have to somehow find the energy to get myself and my daughter to this wedding tonight and pack our own food since we are so restricted and can't eat anything there. I hope tomorrow is better, I really need it. I need a hug!


  1. Uff...sending you a virtual hug today Julie! So sorry to hear how awful you are feeling! Hope tonight and tomorrow is better! Virginia

  2. Sending you a (virtual)hug and some tea! Wish we lived closer so I could help you out!

  3. Definitely sending hugs and prayers. Heres to hoping you get some much needed rest and start feeling better.