Thursday, May 26, 2011

Up and Down, Up and Down, Up, and Down

What a weird week, it's been exhausting!! Tuesday I felt great so decided to bring my daycare kids on a field trip to the hardware store/garden center and to the park after we dropped my daughter off at preschool. It's always fun to go on little field trips and the kids love it. We were go,go,go that morning. Got our supplies at the hardware store and the kids helped pick some things out then went to play at the playground at the park. We all had a blast and before we knew it, it was time to pick my daughter up from school. Then headed home for lunch and nap! I didn't even feel that tired, which is amazing after all that! It was a good day!

Wednesday was another whole story. I woke up totally drenched from night sweats, had to peel my clothes off. Which unfortunately is happening every night now and started about a month or so again. Not a good sign at all. I also woke up with bad air hunger, then heart was racing, then lungs hurt, then numb and tingly all over, dizzy and felt like I was standing sideways. Very scary when you can't get air no matter how hard you try. This particular episode was a bad one and was similar to one I had back before I started treatment. I didn't want to risk passing out since I run my own daycare at my house so asked a friend to come over until my mom could get out of work and come rescue me( I HATE having to ask people to do this) and take over the daycare for me. I am lucky to have a mom live so close and willing to do this for me. I don't know what I would do with out her and very lucky that I have a friend that's willing to come over ASAP knowing I need her. Once I was able to prep enough for the day so my mom wouldn't have to do so much I went back to bed. Couldn't sleep very well but was able to rest. Then headed to an appointment to the chiropractor and acupuncturist. On the way I stopped by to pick up a butt load of drugs from my lyme doc's clinic. Bad, bad idea. The driving really pushed me over the edge, I was so dizzy, weak and nauseous. I just wanted to get to my appointment knowing it would help me. The adjustment was nice but also released a lot of toxins my body was holding onto so I was pretty dizzy afterwards. Acupuncture was key to getting air back in my lungs. Thank you lord, I could breathe normally again! I was still very tired but felt so much better after my appointment. Then headed to my parents house to meet my mom and daughter so I wouldn't have to drive so far and get a break between. Turned out to be a decent night.

Today started pretty good. Besides feeling really tired I woke up feeling good and wasn't totally drenched from night sweats like the night before. Was able to load and unload all the daycare kids to bring my daughter to and from school just fine and we decided to take another field trip to the garden center again! The kids were requesting the playground again but today we didn't have the time for it which was probably good. The kiddos picked out more plants and we had a fun day! At nap I was able to plant up 3 bigger pots and work on putting up a small fence around our huge garden to keep our pet piggie from eating all of our flowers and plants like he keeps doing. Then after the kids left my daughter and I had to head back to the garden center to pick up more stuff and came home to work on it some more. Got it all done, was harder work than I thought it was going to be, my hands and back are not happy with me. Then swept and cleaned up the patio with the push broom(bad idea). That was the last straw and once I did that,there was no going back. My body turned on me. SO tired, air hunger started back up again, dizzy, in pain all over my entire body, and just really drained. Our course before all of this I promised my daughter she could try her new gluten free ice cream cone but didn't realize sherbet has dairy it in and she was not about to let that go. So, once again we had to go back to the store. Ugh, did not want to but hubby wasn't going to be home soon enough to take her. That trip was a tough one and tried to get out of there as fast as I could. Now as I write this my body hurts, my arms are burning from typing this, my air hunger is getting worse and I am uber drained. Trying to get motivated enough to go take an epsom salt bath to pull out the toxins. Lesson learned for the day, over did it for sure!! I hope tomorrow goes smoothly and I can figure out why my babesia is back full force. I see my doc next week so I am sure I will have more answers and will be changing up my drugs again.

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