Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Really Bad Herx!

I have been herxing off and on since I started my new "yellow paint" drug. It's powerful! But last night was the worst! I jumped in my sauna to detox and was drowning only after 14 minutes so got out and showered to get all the toxins off before they are re-absorbed like I always do. I could feel the air hunger start but it wasn't too bad. Once I was out and back in the living room it hit me BAM-MAJOR air hunger! I could NOT get air, my chest hurt, my chest was super tight, I was getting dizzy and started to tip over and felt like I was going to pass out. My husband was at the store so I went downstairs to take a xanax. I tried to control it for a while but it was just getting worse so I knew the xanax would force my body to slow down and I would be able to breathe again. When my husband came home he found me bent over on the floor in the kitchen, I was trying not to pass out and focus on breathing. When you are like that it feels like an eternity until the drugs kick in. I crawled back up the stairs to lay down and wait for the drugs to hit me. It took a while but I could feel them slowly start to work. Once they kicked in full force, I was drugged and feeling good and passed out for the night! This is exactly why I do not detox at night when it's just me and my daughter at home or just me. You never know what kind of reaction you will get. The sauna got really deep into my tissue this time. It's good it's killing things but way too overwhelming when I am already herxing. Lesson learned, if herxing already do NOT do the sauna! Today I have air hunger and I am super drained but this is nothing compared to last night!


  1. Ugh - I feel for you! hang in there with that love/hate relationship we all have with herxing. Sorry this one is so bad ... :(

  2. I am so sorry you had this reaction! It sounds horrible. I have a bunch of questions for you, and don't want to be insensitive and ask when you're so drained. So I'll put them here but please don't feel like you have to answer any of them any time! Only if you feel up to it.
    - What is "air hunger?" It sounds like you're having difficulty breathing, and when I read it, I thought you were having an anaphylactic reaction; but obviously, given what helped you, this is something different. How do you know if you're having air hunger vs. anaphylaxis.
    - What do you mean by "detox?" Does it mean that when you increase the temperature of the body, you sweat out the toxins? Someone advised me to administer my IV meds while sitting in a warm bath to increase my body temperature. What do you think?
    - What are you doing to make sure you stay hydrated? My doctor recommended either administering saline through the IV (I don't think you have an IV line though), or drinking drinks that have high sodium content so your body won't just pee it out and put you back in dehydration.
    - This is gross, but you have to poop out the toxins too. Are you on Cholestyramine, and/or some laxative? Be careful with laxatives since they can cause even more dehydration. My doctor recommends ideally 2-3 BMs daily.

  3. Shoot me an email and I will do my best to answer your questions.