Thursday, July 14, 2011

In The World Of Brain Fog

One of the herxing symptoms I have is brain fog, I have some pretty interesting days and thought I would share, yesterday there was a lot. Hope you are entertained! You know you are a lymie if--

  • Apparently shampoo now goes on the shower body puff
  • Go into a store just to buy milk, walk in the door and totally forget why you are there
  • Shave one leg and not the other, I guess I wanted to be rugged and smooth
  • Switching letters around as if I am dyslexic, so badly that spell check has no clue what you are trying to spell
  • Keep forgetting names and call everyone by the name of your pet piggie
  • You can't remember if you have already shampooed your hair so you end up doing it 3 times
  • Throw a load of laundry in the wash, totally forget it's in there, re-run, forget again until you have re-done this process 4 times, and THEN you remember to put it in the dryer
  • Forget if you have fed your piggie so he ends up getting 2 breakfasts, no wonder he is fat
  • Had to add one more that happened tonight. I went and rented a movie that I thought I hadn't seen yet. Showed it to hubby and he informed me we watched it last month! Really?! Come on!! Guess I can keep renting the same movies!
There have been many more but I can't remember them ;-)


  1. So funny!! I got a big laugh! Thank you!!!! (I so did the laundry thing 2 weeks ago, but those jeans were REALLY clean after the 3rd wash. lol) You have a good attitude toward all the forgetful incidents.

  2. Yeah! I love it!

    I took my son on a walk a few days ago, and realized I was wearing my pj's, which would have been fine if I'd intended to, lol! I had a good laugh!

  3. THIS IS EXCELLENT... GREAT THAT YOU CAN KEEP A SENSE OF HUMOR!! It's vital to get through the challenges of Lyme!! Bless you and thanks for the great laugh!!! :-)

  4. I can definitely relate to almost all of those but the one I identified the most with was the "switching the letters around like you're dyslexic". It happens when I'm typing ALL the time. lol

  5. And apparently you're a Lymie if you read this blog post a few weeks later and love it so much you comment on it.....only to find that you've already commented on it. lol!