Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Yellow Paint Medicine

I am back on the "yellow paint medicine" AKA-Mepron for my co-infection Babesia. I started it last month and boy did I herx from it! Shaking, dizzy, super nauseous, twitching, tons a brain fog... I got a week break from it and now I am back on this week. So far I really haven't noticed much of anything, not sure if that is good or bad. I do notice when I am on it that I don't have night sweats and overall can tell it's working. As long as it keeps killing bugs we are good to go! Oh, and the "yellow paint medicine" is liquid and, well, tastes like Paint! Yuck!!! It's super nasty and really hard to get down the pipe! I also have to eat high fat foods twice a day when I take it so it is properly absorbed. I am used to a very low fat diet so that has been really hard to adjust to as well. I see my doc tomorrow, we shall see what she says!

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