Friday, July 22, 2011

This & That

I am still herxing a lot and having a rough time. Mostly at night and on the weekends, for the most part I can keep it together during work hours. The massive heat index does not help any and makes me feel really sick so I do my best to stay out of it. Pain is still here but it gets much, much worse at night. Bone, muscle, joint, head aches, etc. It really is almost every inch of my body. The head aches are horrible, it's my entire head, then travels down into my jaw, then to teeth and down the back of my neck. In fact as I write this I am in a really large amount of pain. Probably shouldn't be on the computer! A new herx for me is what feels like electrical currents shooting through my body, mostly my head. It is so very painful and you pray it's a fast one. The ones in my head are the most painful. There is a lot of die off happening which means there is a lot of toxicity floating around in my body that I need to try and get out. I am taking a break from my sauna for now because I herx too badly and it effect my lungs and lung tissue too much right now and would like to stay out of the ER ;-) Lord knows we lymies end up there too often. So I am sticking to epsom salt baths, dry brushing, lemon water and acupuncture for now. I always do all of the above but the salt baths, normally I would do the sauna. I haven't worked up the courage to do coffee enemas but I know a ton of people that do them and say it works great!

Salon visits are no longer enjoyable. I went to get my hair highlighted tonight and was just in pain the whole time. An hour and a half of someone pulling your hair, putting you under a very hot dryer when you are already hot, washing your hair and rubbing(more like scraping) your head with her very long finger nails and then doing it again with conditioner, then brushing and more pulling, a very hot hair dryer that kept burning my very sensitive scalp and blowing it right in my ears, hot iron and done. I was very thankful it was over. By the end I had a raging head ache, my scalp hurt and I wanted out of there! Pre-Lyme treatment I loved going to the salon, now not so much! At least my hair color is nice!

Emotionally it has been hard lately. I can feel the die off happening in my head, which isn't pleasant. I am so drained and tired but can't fall asleep so always lacking energy the next work day, I can only sleep in one day a week if my hubby gets up with the 4yr old because we are working the other 6 days, foggy, dyslectic, very weak, easily depressed because it feels never ending, etc, etc. I could go on and on. Had enough complaining?! I am just doing what I am supposed to be doing and trying to get through it all and try to be a good wife, mother, friend and business owner I can be.


  1. Julie, I have no idea how you can keep it together through work!! You are amazing!

    I really hope you can try massage, soon. I think cranial sacral would be really awesome for you. It does wonders for headaches!!

    When is your next doctor's appt?

  2. The toxins are horrible! Apparently it's not enough misery with "just" the Lyme!

    I'm sorry that you're herxing so bad. The best treatment is to snuggle in God's protective, loving arms and let Him handle your stresses for the day.

    My doctor has me take benadryl for bad herxing, and it does seem to help. Not sure if that's a possibility for you or not, knowing everybody's dr treats a little differently.

  3. Benadryl? I never would have thought of that! I know some people take it to sleep at night!