Monday, August 8, 2011

Weak Muscle Tone

This last weekend I had a lot of trouble with weak muscle tone. We have been trying to tackle some things around the house we have put off long enough so had to hit up a bunch of hardware stores to price check. Which means a lot of walking on hard concrete floor in huge buildings. My body was not happy! I decided to finally put my pride aside and give in to the pain and wobbly legs and use the motorized scooter they had at the store. My daughter sure had fun riding along. I felt weird using it and of course got the pitty look from a few people. There eyes and face said it all-"oh, sad, I wonder what is wrong with her, she is so young and has a young child with her." I hate that look, but I do look young to be using one. I tried to ignore it and go on my way. If only they knew how hard it is for the majority of the lyme community to get out and do normal things and NOT pay for it big time. I want the look that says-"way to go, you are getting out of the house and living your life!" I was glad I used it though, it saved my legs and energy for a little while.

I am going to be "walking" in the suicide prevention walk in September in remembrance of my cousin that took his own life and because SO many Lymies struggle with suicidal thoughts or actually end up taking their life. Such a hard, lonely disease for many. I am hoping I can find someone to sponsor me and let me use a scooter like that! There is no way I would be able to do the walk otherwise and it's important to me that I am there!

So those of us that need to use a scooter, wheel chair, etc from time to time or all of the time-ignore those annoying pitty looks and do it for your health!! I won't wait until I am in so much pain and so weak the next time around!

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