Thursday, August 18, 2011

What's Going On?

Am I herxing, relapsing, really toxic, needing to change drugs?? I have no idea but I think I am toxic. Things have been rough for a while now especially this week. Yesterday I was puking my guts out, weak, numbness in arms, legs and lower lip, semi high blood pressure for me, twitching and the list goes on. Today I was scared to take my drugs because of how yesterday went. I finally forced myself to take my 1st dose around 4pm, waaaay too late but at least I got it in. An hour and a half later I went down hill. I was at Target with my daughter because I felt fine when we left the house. Not long after we were there I started to feel my body go against me. Very light headed, dizzy, felt like my blood pressure was tanking, really weak, left arm was mostly numb, foggy, couldn't focus, hard to walk, then when I got home the twitching started and my neck was having a hard time holding my head up, weak and twitching. I am starting to feel a little bit better, good enough to type now. A couple of my friends think the way I am detoxing right now maybe isn't working anymore so I am overloaded with toxins. I am looking into different ways to get the toxins out of me and was going to go get clay tonight but then this hit! So tomorrow it is!

I am feeling pretty lost in this fight. It's been 15 months now, why am I not better? Why do symptoms come back? Why is it so up and down? Why, why, why. It's such a struggle to stay on track with taking meds 5 times a day, getting enough sleep, eating the proper meal and certain foods with certain meds and an empty stomach with other meds, remembering to detox, trying to stay active to keep the toxins moving out of your body, trying to work a full time; very demanding job, being a mother, being a wife, being a friend, keeping up with doctor appointments, chiro appointments, acupuncture appointments, and soon to be massage appointments, keeping a medical journal, keeping up to date on anything lyme related. It is exhausting just living!

I am planning a trip out east to see a pretty high up Lyme doc that my doc knows. I will be going in the next couple months in hopes that he can help me heal a bit easier. We shall see what the future hold for me, I am thankful there are docs that really know their stuff and are willing to treat so many of us!


  1. Hi Julie, I have been reading your posts all summer. I keep planning to comment and then have to go take at nap! How do you do all that you do? It's impressive, working full time, being a caring mother, and the second job of managing your health! Good luck with the Lyme doc, I hope all goes well.