Saturday, August 28, 2010

Feeling put aside

Feeling icky is tricky with friends and family. Lately I feel really put aside. I am not sure if people are doing it on purpose or not but it's how I feel. I think sometimes people don't want to invite me to things or plan things with me because I am not feeling well. I suppose that's understandable but still really upsetting and hard not to get hurt by it. I still like to be invited and I still like to be involved in things. Just because I am sick doesn't mean you have to shut the door and not let me in. I don't feel sick everyday and have much more energy than I did even a month ago. I know I still can't do as much as the average person can--going to the State Fair would be way too much movement and people for me to handle, going to the bigger malls is the same thing and gets to me, etc. But what's wrong with just hanging out? Can't we just relax and catch up and just enjoy each others company? I am just feeling really down about how people treat me sometimes and needed to vent! Wish it wasn't like this!


  1. Oh, I know what you mean! Our society is such a DO society revolved around activity. It's so hard. I have no advice, but I certainly feel what you are saying!

  2. I think there are alot of us that can identify...gentle hugs...