Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I havent really had a bad herx in a while, well not a while really but the good days are more often. I was herxing pretty bad on...I think it was Sunday. The days kind of blur together. Was in a lot of pain, felt really sick and nauseous, headache, dizzy, and totally drained. I have been really good with my diet so I dont think it was related to the "bad foods", I think just die off. Which is good, just a pain to feel so nasty. I get scared I am going to pass out or have a seizure when its just my daughter and I at home and she would have to fend for herself. When I feel like that I put a open bag of crackers on the table for her just in case! Luckily I dont feel like this when I am working and have a house full of daycare kids. Yesterday I felt pretty darn good and now today I am feeling pretty crappy again. My herx days seem to be getting shorter which is nice but strange to me it would be an every other day type of deal. Last back herx was for an entire week. Fine by me to break it up a little, the good days mixed in makes it seems easier to get through. I am almost done with 3 months of treatment, wonder how many more months I have...


  1. Blech to herxes. Hope this one is short-lived! You know, they get easier as time goes on & that's supposedly a good sign!

  2. I hate herxing. I hope you feel better soon