Sunday, August 1, 2010


It still amazes me how fast I can get worn down. I am feeling pretty good these days, dont get me wrong the pain is intense but I would almost rather have the pain than feel like I have the extreme case of the flu all the time. The other night I was just laying on the couch and pain was shooting from my hips down both legs and back up. It was painful! Thankfully the next day wasnt so bad. I took my daycare kids to Como Zoo and I was dead tired for two days after that! I am still glad to get out of the house and go somewhere fun with the kids but sure wish I could function like a normal person! It may be my own fault since I wasnt very good with my diet this last week. I am having a hard time sticking to it these days, it plain old sucks be SO limited on what I can eat. But I have to remind myself of the pain I will feel if I dont stick to it and how much harder my body has to fight off the bugs. I can totally tell right after I eat sugar how hard my body is working compared to before eating that junk! I have been dead tired all weekend and cant seem to get enough sleep. I am thankful my daughter still takes naps and I can sleep when she naps! That helps A LOT. Not sure how I would make it through the weekend with out those naps! I did some yard work with with the hubby tonight so a little worried what tomorrow will bring but right now I am feeling decent. Thankfully I have acupuncture for the next couple of weeks to help me out! And the chiropractor does wonders!!


  1. Hey~ Thanks for stopping by :) You've got it right, sleep when she sleeps -- that's what I do with my 2 yr old! Yay that you're feeling decent right now! Here's to more of those days than the others (ps - I know what you mean about enduring the pain rather feeling like you have the flu all the time; I agree)

  2. I'm so happy that you're able to get out once in a while even though you dealing with some pain! I admire people like you who don't let this disease take over their lives entirely. Hopefully your better days will continue and the pain and fatigue will be a thing of the past. :)