Sunday, June 20, 2010


I need new breakfast and snack ideas, getting sick of the same old stuff. I usually have a fruit smoothie and hash browns for breakfast. Last time I ate eggs I felt incredibly sick and havent ate them since. Right now I am trying almond butter on gluten free bread with my smoothie. The almond butter isnt too bad, supposedly peanuts and peanut butter are a lot tainted than almonds. I am still not a huge fan of them but I need more options. Almond butter is SPENDY! I better like the stuff if I am going to buy a whole jar!! I still dont like gluten free bread, yuck!! I remember how nasty it was last year when I was gluten free for a while. I need something though so just need to get used to it I guess.

Its very strange having things in the house again that the 3yr old cant have because of her MCAD, a metabolic disorder. She is limited to 4 grams of fat per meal, so nuts are defiantly out of the questions. For the most part we followed her diet and only had things in the house she could eat. I feel like I am cheating eating all these high fatty foods. Its strange after 3 years of not really eating that stuff. Now it another whole new diet for me, kind of frustrating to have to change our eating habits so much over the last few years. There is no more making one meal anymore, dinner is 2-3 now. There is no way the 3yr old could eat my diet and the hubby isnt going to try it and I dont blame him. I have him try things from time to time and he makes the ick face!

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