Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More hair loss

I am scared to loose all of my hair. I wasnt a happy camper when I looked in the mirror this morning and could see spots that were more bare. Its very upsetting, guess its good I have super thick hair to start with. I guess its more common with Lyme than I thought. I saw one person shaved her head because she had such bad bald spots and got a wig. I hope it slows down before it gets to that point. My hubby was trying to make me feel better and said he would love me no matter how much hair I had on my head. Good, cause I might not have any!!


  1. Thanks for coming by my blog....I went through a period of time where my thick hair thinned out....then it got better and now again worse...but several had your experience I think and then their hair grew in thicker...Wishing that for you.
    I am enjoying your blog...sorry you are going through so much...We used to live my Como Park and Zoo...on Oxford off of Como I believe...Loved St. Paul...have lots of family in the Twin Cities..
    I see by your picture that you are using some nutramedix herbs too....how are they working? I find them powerful!
    Hang in there....

  2. Thanks for reading! We love the twin cities! Half the time I am not sure what herbs are doing what since I take so many and so many at the same time. But it seems to be working. I do feel like crap a lot of the time but I am just hoping thats good because of the die off? I have more energy than last month though so thats good!