Monday, June 28, 2010


I am supposed to be grain, dairy and sugar free. Well also caffeine and alcohol but those two are no problem for me. The food is hard. Any of you other Lymies put there notice this?-- for the most part when I eat the stuff I am not supposed to I feel better (besides more joint pain) I dont feel as sick and seem to have more energy. I figured this was because the the spirochetes feed on that shit and multiply. They are probably happy I am feeding them what the need to surive and my body feels better because the stupid bacteria is happy. Maybe I am totally off base but wondered what others thought. On a side note-since I was in the hospital with my daughter it was very hard to stay on the diet and take my meds at the right times. I feel like hell right now so I am wondering if the diet is now catching up to me and now my body is pissed because it has to work so much harder? Not sure, just rambling to see if other experience any of this.

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