Saturday, June 26, 2010

Crappy day

Well todays no fun! I actually felt awesome this morning so the 3yr old and I ate breakfast and headed out the door to run errands. I forgot I felt good because I hadnt taken my meds yet. I took them right before we left so after running one errand I felt like hell! I needed to get the second done so just pushed through and got home as fast as I could. Then my daughter got sick. All it takes is throwing up twice with her metabolic disorder MCAD and she has to go into the ER for her D10 IV before she crashes. So off to the ER I went. Daughter puking and mommy feeling like hell. After trying forever to get a damn IV in, hearing her scream for so long, and having to hold her down, I felt like death. That was way too much for my system to handle. But I guess its good I had to hold it together for her sake. The hubby showed up after work and had my requested meal in hand and was there to help with our daughter. Unfortunately he had to leave for his 2nd job and I am her with her alone again. Never seen her so sick before. I am thinking we will be here for a few days. Needless to say I wasnt good staying on track with my meds today and couldnt exactly follow my strict diet. Oh well.


  1. Hi,
    thanks for visiting my blog. I hope your weekend has gotten better. Sorry about your daughter - my heart goes out to you & your family. I know it is not easy- i completely relate to you feeling great until you remember to take your meds - then feel like death- and just want to crawl home.

    Sending you a HUGE hug.