Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My treatment plan

Since I have had it for so long its not the normal 2 weeks of antibiotic treatment. The length of my treatment is really unknown at this time but my doc guessed around 6 months or so. It all depends on how my body reacts and how well I can fight off the bacteria. For some they can totally kick it and have a normal healthy life again. For others they have chronic Lymes and will always have it. Hopefully I can kick its ass and feel normal again!! Right now I am on 22 pills a day and 18 drops a day. I should be at a higher dose for the drops but they really kick my ass and can only handle this dose for now. I am taking an antibiotic, an anti malaria drug and tons of herbs. Its kicking my butt but can tell my body is working hard at fighting off the damn spirochetes. I am also off all grains, all dairy, and all sugar since the bacteria love that crap! Most days I have some sort of effect. Dizziness, which can range from something I can handle and function with to some days I am on the floor and cant stand. Nausea, stomach aches, head aches, joint pain, jaw pain, muscle pain, hurts to be touched, night sweats, bad dreams, insomnia, extreme fatigue, burning, feeling like all of the blood is draining from my body. I am not listing all of this for sympathy, just to inform people that would like to learn more.

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