Friday, July 9, 2010

ER Trip Today

Well today didnt start out on a good note! Ended up going to the ER. I was severely itchy, shaking, and tingly. It was soooo bad, I couldnt stand it and I was giving myself scratch marks. Its so so unbearable. Had my mom sub for the daycare and a friend brought me to the ER. I wasnt too happy with the hospital. Had to wait 2 hours before being brought back, meanwhile I was itching my skin off. Then once back there no one seems to care and acted too busy for me. The doc came in and I was starting to explain that I thought it was related to the Lyme, he didnt really want to listen. Had his own views. I said I already had a rash on both arms for a couple of weeks but were never itchy and the rash on my legs was from me itching them so hard. He didnt agree, said the rash on the arms probably caused the itching and the rash on my legs caused the itching! There was NO rash on my legs until I couldnt stop itching them. I said I thought maybe the rash on my arms were because the lyme was being pushed out. The only thing I did different in the last day was doing the infrared sauna last night. My theory is that maybe I was itching so bad because the sauna made the lyme surface more so I could fight it off and thats how its detoxing. I could be way off base but I think the itching is related to lyme either way. The doc just said well those arent deer tick bites, its not the bulls eye. Well no crap, I dont mean I just got bit your moron, I mean I am detoxing. He didnt get it. He then said he wanted me on an antibiotic. I said I am on one already. He was like oh you are, what is it. I said I gave the list of all my meds to the nurse, of course they couldnt find it and had to go on a hunt for it. Once he found it he said ok I am not going to put you on one since you are already, hmmm ya think!!! Just told ya that! I just left upset and very unhappy I wasnt being heard. He gave me some prescription for itching that I am supposed to take. Not sure I even want to fill it at this point. The medical field is so frustrating when it comes to Lyme.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that doctor was such a jerk! It sounds like the dead lyme bacteria was trying to leave your body, and dead = toxins. That will make you feel terrible and itchy. Drinking extra EXTRA water helps flush it out, and I find that when I'm itchy out of my mind like that, it helps to take an epsom salt bath. Hopefully that would help you, too! (Saves a lot of money and the hassle of dealing with jerk doctors.)

  2. Thank you Sara! No one has ever really told me how to handle the itching before. Thats why I try to reach out to other lymies out there!!! The doctor asked me if I did cocaine, haha um no!!