Thursday, July 8, 2010

First FAR Infrared Sauna treatment

I went in for my first Infrared treatment tonight. I have never sweat so much in my entire life!! It was a 30 minute session, the lady said try to make it 20 to get the full benefit. I had to open the door a few times to get air but over all it wasnt bad. I hate saunas so I think I did well and this didnt feel like a normal sauna. I hope to go once a week since its supposed to be part of my treatment plan. This should help kick the lymes ass! I just hope tomorrow I feel as good as I do now. Hope the bugs arent too pissed at me for trying to kill them off!!


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  2. I believe you can do it! I have been going to the sauna quite frequently now. At first, I felt smothered and irritated with the warm wind constantly bombing my body. But after a few weeks of adjustment, I was finally able to adapt. I must say it really does have great benefits because I feel lighter and more relaxed after I finish a sauna session.

    Neil Dalby