Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Testing, Ticks, and Lyme Info

I went to a support group last night and got some hand outs and a tick remover kit. Didnt know there was such a thing! I didnt feel well at all before I went but really wanted to go so pushed myself. Guess it was a bad idea. I literally felt like I was going to die when I was going to bed and prayed if I was going to die that it would be in my sleep. I felt the worst I have felt yet, was crying and made the hubby lay with me until I fell asleep. That and an ice pack on my head calmed me down enough to fall asleep. It was a horrible feeling. Enough with the herxing already, its been 6 days now. Its gotta end soon right?! It was nice to hear the other stories last night and get support from others going through it. Some people looked healthy and others looked very, very rough! Many different experiences and a lot of helpful information. I will post a pic of the tick removal kit.

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