Thursday, July 15, 2010

I forgot...opps!

Honestly who forgets that they cant eat sugar!!! I have been so well trained to watch for low and fat free items for my daughter that I forget about myself sometimes. I wanted to give my daughter a treat for having to lug her all over town last night so got lemon ice since the ice cream had too much fat and got one for myself! Hello, totally loaded with sugar. Did I even think of that, nope! Now I am paying big time. I woke up this morning drowning from night sweats and now I have severe stomach cramping. The kind that hurts so bad it gives you goose bumps, hot flashes and I am pacing because the pain is unbearable. Trying to focus on breathing exercises reminds me of being in labor! Sugar is the devil!!!! I hope I remember that in the future! At least I had 3 good days this week, thats a pretty good stretch!

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